National Sublimation will do its best to give you the color you expect, though an exact match is impossible regardless of the printing process. If you are using vector art for your garment, we recommend utilizing the PANTONE+ Solid Coated Library for your colors. By using PANTONE+ Solid Coated, we have a definition of each color you pick. We use our Exact Spectrodensitometer to measure the color difference (DeltaE) from the Pantone target to the final print.

If you build your art using CMYK or RGB, National Sublimation cannot be held responsible for color variances due to the fact CMYK and RGB is not a color target.

If you are using an RGB file, we DO NOT recommend converting colors to CMYK at the application level (such as in Illustrator or Photoshop). Raster (bitmap) images can be produced with ease, either being CMYK or RGB; however, many times RGB raster files will render better color than a CMYK raster file.

For large orders, we recommend ordering a sample prior to a full production run. There is a cost associated with the sample, including shipping; however, that is the only way we can ensure you are 100% satisfied with the product. Because color is subjective, National Sublimation cannot be held responsible for color issues if you did not previously order a sample.

Our garments are not specially made for UV sun protection like a swim shirt, though they will provide some level of protection as compared to not wearing a shirt at all.

We cannot guarantee our products up to 90 mph. If you still want to use our garments for sports like skydiving, we recommend you let us know with your order in the notes section. If you want, we can reinforce the stitching and use a heavier thread for an extra $0.94 per shirt.

DHL is currently the shipping carrier for National Sublimation orders. Typical arrival is 24 hours anywhere in the USA from Haiti. Sometimes DHL may be late due to events beyond the control of National Sublimation. National Sublimation is not responsible for late order arrivals due to DHL delays.

National Sublimation has the ability to add additional garments to any order, but we cannot add to an order if it has been begun production in Haiti. If you are not sure about where your order is in the production line, you can always use the “Add a Shirt” option and check with a National Sublimation associate.

Design consultation is free, but actual design work is not. All art is checked prior to sending to production. If you choose to design your own shirt and lay it out for printing, National Sublimation cannot be held responsible for design elements that may not turn out as you intended.

National Sublimation cannot guarantee perfect sleeve and side alignment with regard to any design.

Sizing is difficult as every body is shaped differently. National Sublimation does its best to develop a comfortable fit for all of our products. Sizing charts are available. The width of a shirt is based going from underarm to underarm at the front of the chest, and the length is based at the top of the shoulder to the bottom hem. Double the chest width in order to find the total circumference of the shirt’s chest area.

Because garments will fit everyone differently, National Sublimation cannot be held responsible for issues regarding fit.

National Sublimation’s turnaround time for apparel is 3 weeks from final art approval.

If you want a personalized tag in the neck or side seam (or rear seam for shorts) of your garment, the cost is $0.07 extra per garment.

National Sublimation manufactures its custom apparel in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti; therefore, production may be halted, or delayed, due to elements out of National Sublimation’s control, such as, but not limited to, inclement weather (flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.).

National Sublimation reserves the right to request a signed, written document of permission to print a logo that is either copyrighted, trademarked, registered, or otherwise restricted.

National Sublimation goes through multiple steps to make sure you receive the products you want. Nothing will be printed or produced without the customer’s written (emailed) approval. Every job is custom-manufactured; therefore, refunds, returns, and exchanges are limited and depend upon the situation.